Basic Eligibility

Your organization is eligible to apply if:

  1. The organization is a 501(c)(3) public charity.
  2. The organization was designated to apply for funding by the originator of the Children and Family Legacy Fund, the former Freddie Mac Foundation.
  3. The organization submitted a completed RFP to the Community Foundation for consideration, and complies with the Community Foundation’s due diligence requirements.

Additionally, The Children and Family Legacy Fund will not fund organizations that discriminate in the provision of services or in employment practices based on race, color, religion, ethnicity, sex, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, and any other characteristics protected by applicable law. This policy does not prohibit funding of programs that meet specific needs of populations based on gender, age, disability, ethnicity or national origin.

Request for Proposal Guidelines, Application Documents, and Templates
See below for the Request for Proposal Guidelines, Application Documents and Templates needed to complete your organization’s proposal. Click on the document title to access and download a copy of the file.

  1. Request for Proposal Guidelines
  2. Grant Summary What We Learned Financial and Additional Information Report
  3. Narrative
  4. Summary Chart 
  5. Proposed General Operating Grant Budget Template – For designated general operating support requests ONLY
  6. Proposed Project Support Grant Budget Template– For designated project support requests ONLY

Application Deadlines and Expected Funding Decision Notification Dates
Your organization’s application submission and expected funding decision notification dates are based upon the end date of your previous Children and Family Legacy Fund grant period. Please see below for the schedule of application submission and expected funding decision notification dates.  To ensure your proposal is considered for funding please adhere to the correct application submission dates.




RFP Informational Presentation and Outcomes Funding Webinars
The RFP Informational Presentation provides an overview of The Community Foundation’s application and submission process.  The Outcomes Funding Webinar provides technical assistance on the Outcome Funding Framework and application, which is the chosen framework for the Children and Family Legacy Fund.

All applicants are strongly encouraged to view the RFP Informational Presentation and participate in one Outcomes Funding Webinar.  The RFP Informational Presentation and additional information regarding the Outcomes Funding Webinar (dates, times, registration) can be accessed by selecting (Click Here).